Yurong West Lake Cottage Resort Hotel

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Yurong West Lake Cottage Resort Hotel Hangzhou(Bieyuan)

Yurong West Lake Cottage Resort Hotel Hangzhou(Bieyuan) is located in Longjing Road, about 3 kilometers to the East is the Southern Song Yu Street (pedestrian street), Hefang Street (Food Street), and 5 minutes to the west is Lingyin Temple; Walking north, you can reach Longjing tea garden, Hangzhou flower garden, Shuangfeng cloud arrangement and other scenic spots.
The hotel is close to the famous West Lake scenic spots such as Huagang Guanyu, Quyuan Fenghe, Yuewang temple, SUDI, yanggongdi, Hupao, Longjing wencha, and Huanglong business district. It is the starting point of Shangxiang ancient road with a long history. It is a quiet courtyard resort. Maojiabu is one of the most popular restaurants in Hangzhou in recent years. Many famous restaurants, such as zuibailou, junshuige and nongtangli, provide you with delicious food.
The hotel has more than 12 luxury rooms with complete internal facilities. The floor of the hotel is warm all the year round; The hotel provides you with bicycle rental service, which makes you more relaxed when you visit the beautiful scenery of the West Lake; The hotel has a shuttle bus to the famous scenic spots. You can make an appointment at the front desk one day in advance, and it can reach Lingyin and Quyuan Fenghe in about 10 minutes.

Breakfast price: CNY10($1.5) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet (Western, Chinese)


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Yurong West Lake Cottage Resort Hotel Hangzhou(Bieyuan)
Tel: +86-571-28988855
Add.: 7 Maojiabu, Longjing Road, near Meiling North Road